23 2016 Mar

Bed Comforter Sets Make it Easy to Match Bedding Items

comforter setOne of the things that drove me crazy about the way that my bed used to look was that none of the different components really matched each other well. The pillow cases didn’t match with the comforter and neither of these items matched the sheet. I was embarrassed whenever anyone came in the bedroom because I was certain that they would notice the mismatched bedding.

I started looking for something that I could use on my bed so that everything actually looked like it matched together a whole lot better. I looked for some bedding sets since I knew that these would be the best for matching all together. I decided to buy two bed comforter sets that I would be able to switch out for different times of the year.

14 2016 Mar

Picnic Tables for Patios


Any garden and patio product61wsF2hwNlL._SL210_s is already in the stores, online for the ordering and on everyone’s mind as sprucing up the yard begins.  Adding a little tyke’s picnic table to the list of must haves can make the backyard of any home more fun for the kids as well and mealtime more fun! Visit our Relaxing Outdoor Products tab or go the the Shop and search “little tykes” in our Patio, Lawn and Garden section.


9 2016 Mar

Bed Comforter Sets for Spring

Spring is on the horizon and there’s no time like the present to freshen up your home.  Picking up new bed comforter setsBedComforter

or just some decorative pillow covers can help make the look of your room airy and light especially when choosing fresh light fabrics and colors.  There isn’t an easier way to change things up than to change out bedding or add some new throw pillows.  Another easy fix to any room throughout the house is the addition of a floor lamp to help bring more light to a darker space.  There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to squint and read in a darkened corner.  Remember the words of spring are light, fresh and new!


20 2015 Apr

3 Keys When Buying Flannel Sheet Sets

Thomas Train flannel sheet setThey may be just sheets, like the red plaid that graced my boys twin beds every winter when they were kids, but today’s selection of flannel sheet sets come in all types.  Some are the typical kid friendly lightweight flannel variety but others are placed in the category of soft and luxurious!  So, ask yourself the three basics the next time you’re looking to buy a set of flannel sheets for snuggling between during those cold winter months!  Who are these sheets for, how fast do I need them to arrive and how much am I willing to spend.  With Amazon Prime membership the how fast question is answered but the other two may take a bit of browsing.

Kid sheets are colorful, sometimes need to be a bit fuzzy and always need some intrigue.  Whether your boys are into themes such as Dinosaurs, Thomas the Train, or sports or your girls are oohing and aahing over kitty cats, Disney princesses or all things PINK, there are gads of reasonably priced flannel sheet sets to choose between for them. And if this purchase is for the occasional family camping trip, you might want to think under $25 for basic solids or the Italian stripe in grey. But, on the other hand, if this is for your master retreat, otherwise known as the big bed in your house, why not splurge this once on the WOVEN Deluxe Portuguese Flannel or at least order the Genuine Egyptian Cotton variety! Don’t you deserve a bit of luxury sometimes!